Naming Opportunities

The Trinity Academy Board of Directors and Campaign Planning Committee are pleased to offer the following naming opportunities to recognize generosity to the Trinity Rise Campaign.

Priority for reserving naming opportunities* will be based first on a donor’s campaign gift or pledge level and second on the earliest date of campaign commitment. This list is accurate as of October 21, 2020.

*Scroll down under the floor plan to view all pre-approved room names, plus see an example of a named space. Donors may propose an additional room name but the final decision is subject to committee approval.

Naming OpportunityGift LevelAvailable SpacesStatusLocation
Upper School Academic Building$2,250,0001
Large Meeting Room - The Forum$500,0001
iLab Digital Maker Space$500,0001
Chemistry Lab$250,0001
Biology Lab$200,0001No Longer Available
Physics Lab$175,0001No Longer Available
Administrative Suite$250,0001
Faculty Space$200,0001
Humanities Classroom$150,0002No Longer Available
Middle School Science$100,0001No Longer Available
Collaboration Space$100,0001No Longer Available1st Floor
Collaboration Space$100,0001No Longer Available2nd Floor
Classrooms 1E$75,00071 Remains1st Floor
Classrooms 2A-2C, 2H$75,00084 Remain2nd Floor

To see suggested and pre-approved room names, click HERE. Or scroll to the bottom of the floor plan and view the names there.

Example of a Named Space: The DaVinci Collaboration Room given by the John Smith Family

Room TypePre-approved Thematic/Honorary NameStatus
HumanitiesThe Shakespeare Room (Poet and Playwright)
HumanitiesThe Socrates Room (Philosopher)
Collaboration RoomThe Da Vinci Room (Arts and Sciences)No Longer Available
Collaboration RoomThe Dorothy Sayers Room (Christian Humanist)
Science LabThe Newton Room (Physicist)
Science LabThe Caroline Herschel Room (Astronomer)
Science LabThe George Washington Carver Room (Scientist)
Science LabThe Democritus Room (Philosopher and Scientist)
Classroom SpaceThe C.S. Lewis Room (Author and Apologist)No Longer Available
Classroom SpaceThe John Milton Room (Poet)
Classroom SpaceThe Euclid Room (Mathematician)
Classroom SpaceThe Plato Room (Philosopher)
Classroom SpaceThe Aquinas Room (Theologian and Philosopher)
Classroom SpaceThe Emily Dickenson Room (Poet)
Classroom SpaceThe Dante Room (Poet)
Classroom SpaceThe Frederick Douglas Room (Orator and Abolitionist)
Classroom SpaceThe Cervantes Room (Author)
Classroom SpaceThe Flannery O’Conner Room (Author)
Classroom SpaceThe JRR Tolkien Room (Author)No Longer Available
Classroom SpaceThe James Madison Room (4th President of The United States and Drafter of American Constitution)
Classroom SpaceThe Cicero Room (Orator and Statesman)
Classroom SpaceThe Bronte Room (Author)
Classroom SpaceThe Katherine Johnson Room (Mathematician for NASA)No Longer Available
Classroom SpaceThe Phillis Wheatley Room (Poet)
Any of the Above Proposed Name for any of the above Room Types (Subject to Committee Approval)